Tellico Village Volunteer Fire Department

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Our Mission: To Save Lives & Property
   By Jerry Dougherty, Fire Chief

In an emergency call 911

Caring and giving are attributes of both the Fire/Rescue Team and the residents of Tellico Village. Team members give freely of their time all hours of the day and night. They have an unquestionable desire to help people during the most stressful times of their lives. Many have expressed to me that the time constraints of a career and raising their families did not allow them to devote to a community cause. Now retired, they want to offer their time and talents to help others. 

They give not only medical aid, but offer care and comfort above and beyond the normal job of a First Responder and are rewarded by the expressions of kindness and sincerity they receive from those they aid.  We unquestionably will provide caring aid to anyone in need.

This connection between the Fire/Rescue Team and Villagers is an extraordinary bond rarely replicated by fire departments that are on a paid basis. Our responders consistently do more than merely treat the patient and move on to the next dispatched call.  We follow up with each medical call to ensure that a sufficient level of medical attention and care was provided and we seek feedback so that we can continually improve.

The Tellico Village Volunteer Fire/Rescue team is one of the few professions that still make house calls. And busy we were! In 2020 we responded to 860 calls for emergency help. Of those calls 657 were for direly needed medical assistance.

Thirty of Tellico Village's residents devoted long hours of training to prepare to answer those 860 calls. On call 24/7, the TVVFD medical personnel will be at your door within 3-4 minutes. That is a critical factor when lives are in the balance. They provide us with both professionalism and neighborly concern.

Tellico Village Fire Department Receives Grant

East Tennessee Foundation is a nonprofit community foundation that manages and invests charitable funds established by individuals, families, businesses and other nonprofit organizations.  Recently the East Tennessee Foundation awarded a grant to all Loudon County Fire Departments from the Neighbor Disaster Relief Fund of East Tennessee Foundation to demonstrate their appreciation for firefighters that assisted in wildfires that ravaged East Tennessee last year.

Tellico Village Fire Department encourages our residents to learn more about ETF, please click on the URL listed below to gain a further understanding how this nonprofit foundation helps to improve stronger communities through thoughtful giving.

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