Tellico Village Volunteer Fire Department

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Open Burn Policy

Tellico Village's Open Burn Policy

Tellico Village Property Owner's Association, Inc. Rules & Regulations "Blue Book" dated January 19, 2011 Section D Rules, Regulations & Standards Part 1 Construction Related Rules, Regulations and Standards Items 28 & 29 states...

Item 28 Clear Cutting, Tree Removal and Burning

  Open burning (fires) on private property in Tellico Village is prohibited at all times.

Item 29  sub-paragraph F entitled Other General Construction Requirements...

Warming Fires

On COLD days (below 50 degrees) between October 1 and April 30, WARMING FIRES will be permitted during the construction period under the STRICT requirements detailed below. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in the revocation of this privilege.

Ø Fires must be contained in a barrel or other suitable container.

Ø Container must be situated no closer than 15 feet from other combustibles.

Ø Fires shall not be unattended or left burning after workmen leave the site.

Ø Only wood scraps may be burned. Under no circumstances can plastics, asphalt or other toxic and/or gas-producing materials be burned.

Ø Gasoline or other highly flammable liquids may not be used to start fires.

Ø If the fire department responds, a charge may be imposed against the contractor/property owner.

Loudon County Burning Policy Beyond The Boundaries of Tellico Village

  From October 15 through May 15, you must secure a burn permit prior to burning.

Ø  To obtain a burn permit call 865-986-8395.

Ø  Burn permit is good for ONLY one day.  Permits are only issued for the day burning will take place.

Ø  Someone must remain with the fire at all times.

Ø   Burning must also be limited to days when air quality is forecasted to be “Good” or “Moderate”.

Ø  Burning is not allowed on days which are forecast to be “Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups” or worse.

Ø  The person who is issued this permit (thereafter “the Responsible Person”) is responsible for the fire, and any damage the fire may create if it is allowed to spread.

Ø   The Responsible Person shall ensure that a portable fire extinguisher or water source is available at the permitted location of the fire, and will be sufficient to control the fire if necessary to prevent spread of the fire.

Ø   The Responsible Person shall ensure that the fire is attended until it is fully extinguished.