Tellico Village Volunteer Fire Department

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Trained to Save Lives 


We have volunteers that are trained, motivated and fully capable of providing you with the protection that you need.   And we have proven that time and time again.



Here are some details:

       A substantial number of the Fire/Rescue team have previous emergency experience in ambulances, emergency rooms, law enforcement and paid or volunteer fire departments. You are protected by 8 state certified EMT's and 31 state certified First Responders. 


        We have rigorous training protocols for those that have no previous experience.

        The training sessions are twice a month with supplemental training as needed. 


        The progression is Firefighter, First Responder, EMT-Basic, EMT-Advanced.


        Within a year of joining the department all new volunteers must complete 60 hours of training and an eight hour CPR/AED course and be certified as an Emergency First Responder or EMT.



         A considerable number of our firefighters have been involved in supplemental local and regional training sessions, with some progressing to training at the State's Academy and other state and national training schools.